The CvSU-CCAT Socio-Cultural and Sports Development Unit shall be a resource contributor of talented, artistic and morally upright students in cultural and sports for national and global competitiveness.


The CvSU-CCAT Socio-Cultural and Sports Development Unit shall provide equitable and relevant opportunities for the development of students’ talents, skills, interests and desirable values through the implementation of an efficient cultural and sports programs.

It shall engage in various cultural and sports competitions for national and international recognition.


The CvSU-CCAT Socio-Cultural and Sports Development Unit shall train and equip talented students with highly competitive skills imbued with desirable values in cultural and sports.






1.    Enhance students’ talents and interests through an efficient training program in various sports activities;

2.    Create relevant opportunities for students’ exposure and participation in higher level of competitions;

3.    Instill the values of moral uprightness;



Functions of the Sports Coordinator

·         Organizes, develops and plans sports programs for the academic year for the whole college;

·         Directs and monitors the activities including participation in sports events outside the college; and

·         Keeps records of sports participation and maintains discipline in and outside of the college.



Duties of Faculty/Varsity Coaches


      • Draw plans and directions for the development of the team in accordance with the sports development   program of the university;
      • Design and implement a continuous program for the team;
      • Conduct regular training for the team members;
      • Recruit and train prospective members of the varsity team;
      • Conduct tune-up games, observe games of teams from other schools/agencies and initiate activities that will improve the skills of the players;
      • Exert efforts to establish linkage with public and private agencies, individuals and other groups for possible support for your team; and
      • Guide and assist your athletes in their academic requirements to improve scholastic performances.



     Ø  Performing Arts Group

1.    Dance

                1.1. Hiphop – ARTRADS Dance Crew

                1.2. Folk Dance Troupe

2.     Chorale – CvSU- CCAT Chorale

3.     Theater – CvSU-CCAT Theater Guild

4.     Band – Los Musikeros



The Socio-Cultural Organization shall be supervised by the Coordinator for Socio-Cultural and Sports Development designated by the Campus Administrator. The Coordinator for Socio-Cultural Development shall be assisted by a Council of Advisers, Trainors/Coaches and shall have the following functions:

1.  plans, implements, attends and evaluates cultural programs and activities;

2.    supervises the operation and activities of all cultural groups;

3.    acts as over-all adviser to the different artistic and cultural groups;

4.    acts as property custodian for culture and arts;

5.    prepares financial plans and fund utilization reports; and

6.    evaluates and recommends hiring of coaches and trainers of performing arts group.