The On-the-Job Training Office, under the supervision of the Director for Instructions provides services to OJT students by assisting them in the preparation of the needed requirements to undergo On-the-Job Training. It also improve and establish strategic agreement between the academe and the government as well as the academe and private companies focusing clear objectives, clear expectations, established method of learning verification and effective monitoring and implementation specific to OJT Program.

The On-the-Job Training is a major requirement of the University in all courses offered as follows: Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE), Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (BSCpE), Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology (BSIT), Bachelor of Science in Business Management (BSBM), Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (BSHM), Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSInfoTech), Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSComSci).


Roles and Responsibilities of On-the-Job Training Office:

  1. Provide the OJT students the basic orientation on work values, housekeeping, discipline and key behavior indicator that should be observed by the trainees while in training and/or field exposures including matters related to logistics, finance and other concerns;
  2. Design, implement and evaluate a training plan in coordination with the accepting institution/agency.
  3. Require trainees to submit themselves for interview, examinations and submit pertinent documents to support the application.
  4. Issue an official endorsement of On-the-Job Training students which shall be used for evaluation, processing and application.
  5. Designate a Training Coordinators who will supervise the On-the-Job Trainees and will coordinate with the partner agency/institution in various activities under the OJT Program.
  6. Conduct periodic visits to the partner agencies/institutions where the trainees are assigned and confer with the authorized representative to discuss matters relevant to the training.
  7. Withdraw a trainee who is found to behave and/or act in defiance to existing standards, rules and regulations of partner agencies/institutions.

Roles and Responsibilities of Area Coordinator:

  1. The area/practicum coordinator is expected to conduct an initial site visit to ensure that the training facility is safe and conducive for the student/trainee.
  2. The area/practicum coordinator is expected to review, orient, interpret and clarify to the student /trainee the objectives of the on the job training program.
  3. The area/practicum coordinator is responsible to do a regular monitoring of the student/trainees under him/her to check on their overall performance and discuss with the On Site Supervisor to further improve the OJT program. This will ensure immediate resolution of student/trainee’s concerns if there are, as well as provide an opportunity to evaluate the OJT program and follow upon the progress of the student/trainee.
  4. A regular meeting should be done with his/her students/trainees or communicate with them regularly to have feedback on their assignments and validate complaints concerns of both parties, if any.
  5. The area/practicum coordinator should also be available for consultations with the students/trainees and provide coaching and counselling assistance, if needed.
  6. The area/practicum coordinator is responsible in evaluating the student/trainee’s reports, evaluation grade and will give the final grade taking into consideration the evaluation of the On-Site Supervisor.

Roles and Responsibilities of Partner Industries/Institutions:

  1. Design, implement and evaluate the training plan jointly with CvSU-CCAT.
  2. Screen, select and deploy trainees to the different offices and operating units.
  3. Designate a Training Coordinator who will be responsible in the implementation of the Training Program as well as arrange, supervise and evaluate the performance of the trainees;
  4. Ensure that necessary abilities, values and knowledge are imparted to the training in accordance with the approved training plan.
  5. The partner institution/company/office shall conduct an evaluation of the student/trainee’s overall performance based on the agreed standards or requirement with the school.
  6. The partner institution/company/office shall issue a Certificate of Completion to the student/trainee upon completion of the on the job training program.
  7. Notify CvSU-CCAT OJT Coordinator immediately of any untoward incidents/misbehaviour of the trainees while on duty.

Roles and Responsibilities of Student/Trainee:

  1. Student/trainee shall abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the institutions/company/office where s/he is undergoing on the job training.
  1. Student/trainee should always observe discipline and right conduct.
  2. Student/trainee should wear the appropriate dress code.
  3. S/he should not engage in gambling, illicit activities, drinking intoxicating beverages, smoking and related activities while at work or within the institution/company/office premises.
  4. Student/trainee is expected to submit reports and requirements on time.
  5. Student/trainee should observe punctuality and attendance in reporting to his/her assigned area. S/he should accomplish the attendance record sheet/time card/bio metric record sheet noted by the training supervisor



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Contact Information OJT Office

Mr. Regie C. Delos Reyes, Campus OJT Coordinator

Maria Desiree T. Arcon, In-Charge, Job & Career Placement Services/OJT Office Clerk

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