General Objectives:

            The Office of the Student Affairs and Services shall promote the development of globally competitive and morally upright individuals through providing holistic approach in services that relate to student welfare, student development and those that relate to institutional programs and services.

 It shall:

  1. Provide counseling and testing to students so that they may recognize and accept themselves and develop their potentials/capabilities.
  2. Provide information, training, placement and follow-up services to students’ graduates and other clienteles.
  3. Provide financial assistance to the needy and deserving student:
  4. Provide avenues to home student’s talents and interest to ensure social and cultural growth;
  5. Develop skills and potentials of student writers; and
  6. Conduct researches related to student affairs and services;


Specific Objectives

I. Student Welfare Services

    • Information & Orientation Services
      • Conduct orientation program for new and returning students
      • Disseminate education, occupational and social information.
    • Guidance and Counselling Services
      • Achieve a 1:1000 guidance to student ration
      • Employ flexibility om the schedule of admission test
      • Request faculty guidance facilitators aid in the completion of students individual inventory record.
    • Career and Job Placement Services
      • Spearhead the conduct of pre-employment seminar and job fairs.
      • Monitor the existing memorandum of agreements with industries and establishments
      • Monitor employability of graduates
    • Student Handbook Development
      • Participate and assist in the development and revision of student handbook
      • Assign student leaders to attend and actively participate in the development and revision of student handbook.


II. Student Development Services

    • Student Government/Organizations and Activities
      • Select qualified students to attend relevant seminars and trainings.
      • Commend organizations which was able to carry out their plan of activities
    • Student Publication
      • Screen students to qualify as staffers
      • Send staffers to press conferences
      • Strengthen the delivery of formidable news online
      • Commend winners in the press conferences by awarding them during foundation day.
    • Student Conduct and Discipline
      • Coordinate with registration advisers for the implementation of policies
      • Refer cases to higher authorities
      • Conduct parent’s consultation.


III. Institutional Student Program and Services

    • Admission Services
      • Recruit the best and brightest students.
      • Accommodate applicants with disabilities.
      • Increase number of admission
    • Scholarship and Financial Assistance
      • Assist students in processing their scholarship requirements
      • Look for more benefactors
      • Screen student’s records qualified for scholarship
    • Cultural & Arts Program
      • Require organization to sponsor programs and cultural shows
      • Spearhead the selection of participants for cultural shows
    • Sports Development Programs
      • Recruit competitive athletes
      • Ensure the policies and procedures in the selection of athletes are strictly implemented.
      • Awards scholarship to qualified athletes.
    • NSTP Social Involvement
      • Imbue students with good citizenship
      • Inculcate social involvement among students
    • Special Population
      • Admit individuals with disabilities
      • Extend assistance in terms of processing the requirements for enrolment
    • Food and Health Services
      • Ensure that food served in the canteen and other food kiosk are safe and free of contamination
      • Require the canteen and food kiosk to serve nutritious and well-balanced meals.
    • Medical Services
      • Spearhead the improvement of clinic facilities
      • Employ flexibility in the schedule of medical examination for incoming students.
      • Provide continuing medical and dental program for diagnostic purpose, first aid and prophylaxis.


IV. Research, Monitoring and Evaluation

    • Research
      • Conduct researches on student affairs and services programs
    • Monitoring and Evaluation
      • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of Student Services programs
      • Develop evaluation instruments.