The mandate of the University does not only revolves on instruction but also includes services through research and extension. As it provides quality education to students, it also innovates and discovers new knowledge addressing the needs of the changing times and the demands of the society. Such knowledge needs to be enhanced packaged, and shared to the community and other clientele. These three functions all work together for the improvement of lives of people as CvSU develops into a more globally competitive institution.

Cavite State University’s Research and Extension unit is creating impacts to the community   through outcomes-based approaches anchored on accountable services, inclusive balance, and seamless communication with stakeholders.


Services offered    

   1. Fund Support

                            2. Literature and Plagiarism Check

                            3. Consultation and Advising

                            4. Faculty and Staff Development Programs

                            5. Statistics Services

                            6. Intellectual Property Assistance and support




1.   Generates and monitors researches and technologies in
     accordance with the University’s research agenda as well as the national development thrusts;

2.  coordinates all the research-related activities implemented;

3.  monitoring and evaluation of the implementation and progress of all the  research programs/projects of       the University;

4.  provide avenues for research and technology information dissemination; and

5.  protecting the interests of inventors and creators while ensuring that the community and the society benefit from the fair and full dissemination of knowledge and innovation.


1. links this educational institution with the community through the conduct of non-formal education and trainings; technology demonstration and technology transfers to farmers, fisherfolks, women and children, persons with disabilities out-of-school youth, disadvantaged families and/or households, workers, migrants and other clients; and other community development activities;

2.  monitors and evaluates the over all operation of the ongoing extension projects;

3.  responsible for the implementation of activities pertaining to community development which include community needs assessment, extension programs and other outreach activities; and

4.  plans and conducts training programs based on the needs of the target communities/clienteles.