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Regular users of the library include all bonafide CvSU students, staff and faculty members, alumni and retirees. All other users from outside the University should provide referral letter from the librarian or head of office where they are enrolled/employed, or they need to fill-out Library Usage Form if the said requirement is not available.

General Rules

a.    Students are required to wear their official uniform when entering the library except during Wednesdays or days when some of them do not have their classes like during Fridays. The library shall exempt students who belong to colleges that hold activities upon presentation of request letter signed by the Director of Instruction.

b.   A Student ID with Library Card Validation and registered in the Koha Library System are permitted to access library resources and services. This ID card is non-transferrable. Misrepresentation by showing someone else’s ID is an offense. Students caught doing such act may be deprived of their library privileges based on the policies stipulated in the student handbook.

c.    A referral letter is issued upon request of faculty and students of CvSU who wish to do research in other libraries.

d.   Non-CvSU clientele is allowed to use the library any day of the week, from Monday to Friday only upon presentation of a valid ID from their respective institutions/offices where they are enrolled/employed together with a referral letter. Payment of P30.00 as library fee is also required.

e.    The CvSU graduate students, administrators, faculty and personnel may borrow a maximum of five (5) books (circulation) and undergraduate students may borrow a maximum of three (3) books (circulation) at a time.

f.     Books from the circulation section can be loaned for one (1) week and may be renewed for another week/s if not needed by other users. All materials borrowed must be returned on the date/time due

g.    Reference books, periodicals and manuscripts are limited to room use only and can be borrowed three (3) at a time.

h.   Books for LIBRARY ROOM USE ONLY (1 copy each title and copy 1 book) may be borrowed for photocopying but should be returned immediately.

i.     Service hours for regular semesters


       DAY                                          TIME

    Monday to Thursday           7 am to 6 pm (no noon break)

    Friday                                 8 am to 5 pm (no noon break)

    Saturday                             1 pm to 5 pm 

j.     Service hours during summer and semester break

       DAY                                         TIME

        Monday to Friday            8 am to 5 pm (no noon break)

k.   Photocopying


§  Photocopying of any part of the manuscripts is strictly prohibited. Only abstracts, approval sheets and references are allowed to be reproduced. 

§  Photocopying time is limited for 15 minutes only. Photocopier machine is available at the Charging Desk/Control Section.

l.     Lost Books

          Lost book charged out of a particular section must be immediately replaced with the same title or subject of recent edition one (1) week after the librarian has been notified of its loss. If the lost book is overdue, fine must be settled. Replacement for lost book should be received at the technical section together with the card of the lost book for processing.

m.  Fines 

          Materials returned late shall be charged with overdue fines Table 5 as follows:

Table 5. Overdue Fines






General Circulation/Filipiniana

Php 5.00/day*


Php 10.00/day*

Faculty and Employees

General Circulation/Filipiniana

Php 10.00/day*


Php 50.00/day*

TCP andGraduate Students

General Circulation/Filipiniana

Php 10.00/day*


Php 25.00/day*


                        *     Including Saturdays,  except Sundays, holidays, unexpected announcements of no classes, and class suspension.


§  Borrowers with overdue books or with standing obligation to the library shall not be allowed to borrow unless all library accounts are settled.



§  All fees/fines collected shall be part of the Library Trust 101 – Library fines.

a.    Security Control

           Bags, briefcases, umbrellas, large envelopes, clear books and folders should be deposited at the baggage counter desk (control desk). All faculty and staff members have designated area where they can deposit their bags/things which is located at the Charging/Circulation Desk.

           CCTV cameras are installed to monitor the baggage control desk, charging/circulation desk and the whole library area.

           Closed shelf system is used at the Vertical/Pamphlets Collection, Periodicals Section, Audiovisual/Multimedia Collection, Reserve Section, Rizaliana, and CvSU-R Collection

b.   Conduct in the library


§  SILENCE shall be strictly observed in the library.

§  A student caught/accused of marking, mutilating, destructing books and other library materials shall be suspended after due process.

§  All patrons are expected to respect the rights of others, therefore disruptive behavior will not be tolerated, (i.e. excessive noise, eating, drinking, loud cell phone usage).  Library personnel are authorized to send out anybody who violates this rule.

§  Charging of laptop, cell phones, or any gadgets inside the library are prohibited. Designated areas for charging were already provided by the administration.

 Guidelines for Administrators, Faculty and Personnel

a.   To be able to avail the library services, members of CvSU

Faculty and staff should register at the Library Registration Koha System. Properly authorized representatives of faculty and staff may also avail of library services provided they present a letter of request on their behalf.  To borrow books, the faculty must provide a copy of their present class schedule.

b.  Administrators, faculty members and personnel may loan out a maximum of five (5) books at a time for a period of one week for circulation book. Reference materials can be borrowed for room use only. 

c.    Reserve books can be borrowed for overnight and shall be returned on due date to avoid penalty.

d.  Periodicals, theses and reference collection (e.g. Encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.) and reserve materials are to be used within the library premises only.

e.  All borrowed materials should be returned before the semester/term ends. If the material will still be used, renewal of the materials is mandatory but may be done only upon physical presentation of the collection/s to be renewed. 

f.   Last day of borrowing books is one (1) week before the final examination. All borrowed library materials should be returned before the semester ends.

g.  Clientele should return or replace the borrowed or lost materials prior to signing of clearance.

E-Library Rules and Regulation (Internet Usage, E-Resources)

                 As part of the enhancement of the University library service, computers with Internet access are installed at the Internet Section of the library. These can be used free of charge subject to the following guidelines:

a.  Students should strictly observe silence, cleanliness,

    orderliness and proper decorum inside the area;

b. Loitering is prohibited;

c.  Students without official business are not allowed to stay inside the laboratory;

d. Students and outside users are required to leave their validated school ID to the staff on duty.

e.  Bag must be deposited in the baggage counter;

f.   Only valuable materials like money, wallet, cell phone, laptops and other electronic gadgets can be brought in;

g.  Food, drinks and any form of beverage are not allowed


h. Students must take care of their personal belongings;

               i.   The staff on duty is not liable for any loss of valuable things;

j.   Staff on duty shall assign the use of computer;

k. In case of group work, two students may share the use of a computer;

l.   Students are advised to save documents on their e-mails;

m.   Any malfunction on the units must be immediately reported to the staff on duty;

n. System facilities are not to be tampered with, obstructed, or modified. Violation of this will be subjected to disciplinary action based on the provisions of the Cavite State University Student Handbook, c2013, Student Code of Conduct Section 

    6, No. 29;

o.  Computer terminals shall be used to access the online

    catalog, databases, electronic journals and other online

    reference sources free of charge;

p. Accessing sites, which are not research-related is strictly prohibited including chatting, games, entertainment, and the like; Youtube can be visited as long as it is for educational purposes. Facebook and other social sites or alike are prohibited unless permitted.

q.  Downloading of software, pornographic materials and the

    like is not allowed;

r.  Playing online games is strictly prohibited. Anybody caught

    on the act is subject for disciplinary action based on the provisions of the Cavite State University Student Handbook, c2013, Student Code of Conduct Section 6, No. 29;

s.  Other Services

§  Photocopying, Printing, and Scanning services are also available at the library which requires minimal fee.


P1.00 per page – (short, black only)

P2.00 per page – colored, text only

P5.00 per page – colored, text and graphics

P10.00 per page – colored, full graphics


P1.00 per page – (short, black only)

P2.00 per page – colored, text only

P5.00 per page – colored, text and graphics

P10.00 per page – colored, full graphics



 1.50     per scan

                                      Note: Prices are subject to change without prior notice.


User’s Decorum/Code of Ethics for Library Users

a.    Students/visitors shall observe proper dress code before entering the library.

b.   Students/visitors shall observe library rules at all times.

c.    Students/visitors shall approach only the official personnel of the library before entering.

Library Personnel Decorum

a.  Proper professional behavior inside the library with high       

common respect and good relationship with the library users, peers and superiors shall always be demonstrated in the delivery of library services.


b. Punctuality, honesty and effective use of official time shall be observed at all times.


c.  Library head should be notified in case of unanticipated absence from work.


d. Application for leave of absence should be officially filed.


e.  Proper use and upkeep of library equipment and facilities shall always be implemented.


f.   Awareness and implementation of proper protocols in addressing problems, irregularities and misbehavior in the library shall always be promoted.


g.  As a general rule, library personnel are governed by University policies.

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