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A.     Identification Card

1. All students are required to have an identification card (ID).

2. Identification cards shall be validated every semester or summer at the External and Business Affairs Office. Ids are non-transferable. Students caught using borrowed identification cards will be deprived of their library privileges.

3. Identification cards should be presented when borrowing any library materials.

B.     Lending Policies

1. Books not frequently used may be borrowed for home use for a period of one week and maybe renewed for another week if there is no demand for the book.

2. Filipiniana books may be borrowed for two days.

3. A student is allowed to borrow two books from the circulation collection and one from the reserve section at time.

4. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, yearbooks, almanacs, atlases and other general references, theses, feasibility studies, magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, vertical file materials and desk copy books maybe borrowed and read in the library only.

5. Reserve books are strictly for library use only. However, these books maybe borrowed for home use at 4:00 p.m. and must be returned on or before 8:00 a.m. the next school day.

6. No overnight loans shall be allowed during the first and last two weeks of the school term.

7. Reservation for reserve books is allowed. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis must be strictly observed. Failure to get the reserved books made by the students will be deprived of their borrowing privileges for one week

C.     Fines

1. Materials returned late or overdue are subject to fine. The fines imposed for overdue books are as follows:

§  Circulation / Filipiniana Books

P 1.00 a day including Saturdays and Sundays

§  Reserve Books

P 2.00 for the first hour

     .30 for the succeeding hours

P 5.00 for one day including Saturdays and Sundays

2. Borrowers with overdue books or with standing obligations to the library will not be allowed to borrow another book/books unless all library accounts are settled.

D.    Lost and Damaged Books

1. A lost book must be reported immediately to avoid accumulation of fines.

2. A book reported lost must be replaced with the latest edition of the same title not later than two (2) weeks after the librarian has been notified of its loss.

3. Books with missing pages should be reported immediately otherwise, the last borrower will be charged for any missing pages discovered. 


1. General references such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, atlases, yearbooks, etc. are limited for library use only.

2. Audio-visual and non-book materials such as globe, etc. except vertical file materials maybe borrowed for classroom use upon arrangement with the librarian.

3. Desk copy book, current periodicals and newspapers are also limited for library use only.

4. A faculty may be allowed to borrow one (1) reference book per subject taught to be returned before October 15 for 1st semester and before March 15 for 2nd semester but maybe recalled anytime if urgently needed in the library.

5. All books borrowed should be returned promptly on the date stamped on the date due card, otherwise, a penalty of P10.00/day shall be imposed.

6. Books can only be renewed when presented to the librarian for proper recording.

7. Books and materials to be checked out by the faculty/personnel should be presented voluntarily to the librarian-in-charge at the circulation desk before taking them out.

8. Books and materials lost are to be replaced in kind with the same title and latest edition. Replacement should be done on or before the due date, otherwise, a penalty as mentioned in no.5 shall be followed.

9. List of recommended titles of books and other references for purchase should be submitted in the library one month before the start of classes. The complete bibliographical data of the book such as the author, title, edition, publisher, copyright date and the price of the book/s should be indicated.


1. All outside researchers who wish to avail of the library services should present their ID’s and referral/request letters from their respective librarians or administrator.

2. Outside users are allowed to use the library materials inside the library only.

3. Outside readers are expected to comply to all library regulations.


1. Observe silence in the reading room at all times.

2. Eat, sleep and smoke elsewhere but never in the library.

3. Keep the library clean and orderly.

4. Always push your chair back against the table when you leave the library.

5. Never mutilate or tear the pages of books and other reading materials.

6. Corresponding disciplinary measures shall be imposed on such offense as book mutilation, tearing of pages and taking out of books and other library materials without permission from the librarian.


      Students are required to have clearance at the end of the school term and before leaving for the purposes of transfer or dropping from school.

      Faculty members are required to have clearance at the close of the school year and before leaving the college for the purposes of maternity leave, long vacation leave, study leave, or resignation. Faculty members who have already been cleared and who would like to borrow library materials can avail of such materials in the library only.

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