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The Job Placement Program is one of the services provided by the Office of Student Affairs to facilitate the students’ employment specifically on developing their career before, during and even after their graduation from Cavite State University.


To provide guidelines for specific job placement services offered by the university


A.    Pre-employment Seminar

1. Coordination with the Municipal PESO and Provincial DOLE shall be done when planning the pre-employment seminar.

2. All graduating students are required to attend the pre-employment seminar.

3. The seminar is conducted every first semester of the school year and is included in the university calendar.

4. Competent speakers are invited to talk on topics about the current trends in local and international employment, specifically but not limited to the following:

a. Labor Laws

b. Personality Development

c. Resume Preparation

d. Tips during Interview

e. Job Hunting/Survival Strategies

f. Career Pathing

5. The pre-employment seminar is evaluated by the participants using the prescribed evaluation instrument.

B. Job Fair

1. A clearance must be secured from the Municipal PESO and Provincial DOLE for the conduct of the job fair.

2. All graduating students are required to attend the job fair.

3. The job fair is conducted every second semester of the school year.

4. Prestigious companies, agencies and institutions are invited to participate and provide job opportunities to graduating students and graduates.

5. Request for one/two-day career orientation and recruitment are also accepted.

6. Coordination with participating companies, agencies and institutions is done to monitor the number of graduating students/graduates that qualified/hired.

C. Tracing of Graduates

1. Graduating students are required to accomplish the Personal Information Sheet (Placement Form No. 1) and to be submitted to their respective College Placement Coordinators before graduation.  The accomplished personal information sheets serve as reference in the conduct of surveys or follow ups.

2. All year round tracer study is conducted to provide an assessment on the employability of CvSU graduates. It may also serve as basis for curriculum improvement in meeting the global demand in the labor market.

3. Employment status monitoring/follow-ups are made thru Survey Questionnaires (Placement Form No. 2) sent to e-mail address (es) of the graduates. Electronic communications such as text messaging, phone calls, telefax and social networkings   are likewise being used.

4. Results of the survey/follow-up are submitted to OSA quarterly. Consolidated report on employment status is then submitted to OVPAA and OP.

Job Searching

Job Searching

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