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A. Admission and Registration

1. Admission of New Students

All applicants for the degree programs shall pay entrance examination fees, pass the entrance examination given by the Office of Student Affairs and meet the following qualifications:

  • Graduate of any public or privae high school recognized by the Department of Education;
  • Physical and mentally fit to study;
  • Possess a good moral character as certified by the High School Principal;
  • Obtain a grade of at least 85% in Math, English and Physics subjects in their secondary education

Upon admission, the students are awarded with their program of study where they qualified.

2. Admission of Transfer Students

Transfer students from other schools and colleges/universities are required to submit the following requirements:

  • Certified true copy of Transcript of Records;
  • Honorable dismissal;
  • Three (3) copies of "1x1" ID pictures;
  • Certification of good moral character certified by the Guidance Counselor/Dean from the last school attended;
  • Must have passed the interview conducted by the Screening Committee of the Department where the student(s) intend to enroll the courses; and
  • Transferees to all degree courses must also obtain a GPA of 2.0 or better and without failing grades from the former school attended, (approved per BOR Res.No. 51 dated October 18, 2005) and passed the entrance examination;
  • NBI clearance

Transferees are not allowed in the second year level for the programs with board/licensure examinations (approved per BOR Res.No.51 dated October 18, 2005). Transferees may be allowed before the fourth year level of any five-year non-board programs or before the third year level of any four-year non-board programs.

Students who qualify to transfer may apply for advanced credit for equivalent courses to the Registrar upon presentation of Transcript of Records and authenticated proof of equivalency of courses.

3. Shifting to Other Programs

Students who intend to shift to another program must accomplish a prescribed form for the purpose to be approved by the Dean of the Campus where they want to shift to, not later than the first day of the regular registration period.

A copy of the approved application for shifting should be forwarded by the Department Chairman concerned to the Registrar's Office.

Students pursuing degree program may be allowed to shift to non-degree programs upon approval of their application for shifting.

Students pursuing non-degree program may be allowed to shift to degree program offered by the college after satisfying the following requirements:

  • GPA of 2.0 or better and no grades lower than 2.5 in any physical sciences subjects;
  • Submission of approved application form and other supporting documents;
  • Checklist of courses;
  • Certificate of grades;
  • Clearance of the previous semester;
  • Passed the interview conducted by the Screening Committee of the Department concern

4. Cross-Registration

     Cross-registrants from other educational institutions should have a written permission from their school registrar to be presented to the CvSU Registrar. The permit shall state the subject(s) and the total number of units the student is allowed to cross-register and that the University/Campus shall be the venue for the course to be registered.

     For courses with pre-requisites, the cross-registrant shall be required to present an authenticated proof of equivalency of course and description of the required course.

     CvSU students who are planning to cross-register courses with other institutions should have a written permit from their College and University Registrars. Students planning to cross-register in other University/College or Campus shall be allowed only under the following conditions:

  • The course(s) to be cross-registered should have exactly the same description as the one being offered in another college or campus where the student plans to cross register;
  • Must have written permit from their respective College/Campus Registrars and finally the University Registrar; and
  • Students are allowed to cross-enroll a maximum of six (6) units only for the entire program

5. Late Registration

     The period for late registration shall be serve school days after the regular registration schedule. No late registrants will be entertained after this period.

     Undergraduate degree and non-degree students who register during the authorized period for late registration shall be charged a fine of P100.00, regardless of the number of units that a student is carrying a particular term.

     Any student whose registration has been approved by the registrar during the registration period but has not settled the first installment of his/her fees shall also be charged fine for the last registration. It shall, therefore, become the responsibility of the Cashier's Office to indicate the fine in the registration form of the student upon payment of fees.

No late registration shall be entertained for the summer program.

6. General Enrollment Guidelines and Procedures

     Three months prior to each registration period, the Registrar's Office shall outline the general enrollment guidelines and procedure or any revision thereof and present these to the Academic Council for approval. No modification of the approved guidelines and procedures shall be implemented unless approved by the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.


7. Terms of Payment

1. All fees are payable in cash upon enrollment or by installment plan which should be as follows:

  • Fifty percent (50%) of the total fees shall be collected upon enrollment;
  • Twenty-five (25%) - two weeks before the mid term examinations; and
  • Twenty-five (25%) - two weeks before the final examinations

2. Tuition and other fees may be refunded under the following conditions:

  • Students who withdraw their registration from the Cavite State University after a period of not more than three weeks or fifteen days of regular classes shall be refunded in full except payments made for Identification Card, Medical and Dental, Registration, Insurance and Mutual Aid.
  • No refunds shall be given to those who withdraw after this period. Students are considered officially enrolled and are therefore covered by all the provisions applicable to enrolled students.


Note: Summer tuition fees will have to be paid in full. No refund will be made.

8. Schedule of Fees

 Click here to view the list of schedule of fees.

10. Refund of Fees

     Students who withdraw their registration from the University/Campus after a period of not more than three weeks or fifteen days of regular classes shall be refunded in full except the medical and dental fees. No refund shall be given those who withdraw after this period.


B. Academic Load

     No student shall be allowed to take more than the maximum credit units per semester. A graduating student may be allowed to enroll more than the maximum allowable credit units but not to exceed 26 units. A graduating student petitioning for registering up to the maximum allowable academic load must secure a certification from the Registrar that he/she is a graduating student.

     During summer program, a student may be allowed a maximum of three (3) lecture courses or one with laboratory and one lecture course. No student will be allowed to register with two(2) laboratory courses except when one is a co-prerequisite of the other.


C. Class Attendance

     A student who has been absent from classes for at least two consecutive meetings must obtain an excuse slip from the Office of Student Affairs and present this to the instructor concerned on the day when the student returns to class.

     Excuses are for the time missed only. Work covered by the class during the absence shall be made within a reasonable time to the satisfaction of the instructor.

     If a student has been absent in 20% of the time schedule devoted to the class without justifiable reasons, he/she shall be dropped from the rolls. If the majority of these absences are not excused and the student's performance is poor, he/she will receive a grade of "5.00".


D. Changing of Subject(s) and Dropping of Courses

     Transfer to other courses or other sections must be made for valid reasons such as the course is not needed, ill-advised, and conflict in schedule.

     No change in matriculation will be allowed after three weeks of regular classes. Change in subject can be accomplished by filling up a changing/dropping form, duly noted by the registration adviser and the instructor concerned and approved by the Campus Dean.

     A student, with the consent of the instructor concerned, Department Chairman and the Campus Dean, may drop a subject by filling a prescribed form for the purpose. No dropping of subjects is allowed after the midterm exam has elapsed except due to illness and other justifiable reasons.

      A student shall be notifies by the Campus Registrar to drop a course subject to the following circumstances:

  • Registered higher course without passing the pre-requisite course;and
  • Registered major course without passing all the required basic courses except in cases where the basic courses are offered in a semester concurrent with the major course.


     If a student officially drops the course before 75% of the hours prescribed for the course has elapsed, the instructor concerned may give the student a corresponding grade and the word "Dropped" shall be reflected in the instructor's class record.

     If a student officially drops the course after 75% of the hours prescribed for the course has elapsed, a corresponding grade on his performance shall be reflected ni the grading sheet and recorded in the students' Permanent Record for that particular semester/term.

     If a student stops attending classes for three consecutive weeks in a regular semester without justifiable reason, the instructor may drop him from the roll by accomplishing prescribed form to be submitted to the Registrar.

     A student is considered dropped if the last day of his three-week consecutive absences occurs on the scheduled last day of dropping of courses.

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