Research and Extension Services Unit shall be the pinnacle of research and extension activities in technology education equipped with complete facilities where most qualified researchers and extensionists  with industries, LGU,s and NGO’s  as partners shall combine efforts to alleviate the standard of living of the economically and socially disadvantage sector.


         To verify, generate, package and disseminate information on technology education and pursue a vigorous program to help improve the quality of life of individuals by conducting research and appropriate trainings.


       Verifying, generating and packaging technology education information system and help rural and urban dwellers in improving their standard of living.


       The campus aims to generate, verify and disseminate appropriate and updated technologies along with its current research commodity thrust in various disciplines especially in the field of technology.


Specifically the campus aims to:

1. Evaluateexisting technology education curricula for their suitability to industrial/institutional needs.

2. Packaged improved technology education curricula and disseminate them to target client.

3.  Establish strong external linkages through formation of collaborative projects.

4. Strengthen the capability of faculty, researchers, students and stakeholders in performing research activities.

5. Recognize outstanding achievements of researchers; and

6. Publish research results.